‘Men – the elephant in the (gender & global health) room’ (surprise!)

The recently established Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health is delighted to announce a new fortnightly seminar series open to all. The Series accompanies the development of the Commission, inviting Commissioners and Co-Chairs to discuss a key topic, question, or challenge that the Commission hopes to tackle. The series aims to involve a range of stakeholders and voices in its work and promote discussion and debate on gender and health.

In the eleventh event of the series, we will hear from Commissioner Morna Cornell, Senior Research Officer at the School of Public Health & Family Medicine, University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa.

CROI 2022: Conference Overview and Details in Development

Mark the date: November 1, 2021, is the general abstract and scholarship submission deadline for the 29th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). CROI 2022 will be held on February 13 to 16, 2022, and is currently planned as a hybrid conference to include both virtual and in-person participation. The in-person component, hosted in Denver, Colorado, USA, will feature additional sessions and networking opportunities for those attending live. The CROI Scientific Program Committee will monitor the COVID-19 pandemic carefully in terms of changes in the safety and practicality of hosting an in-person component.»

Funding for Training in mathematical modelling

The HIV Modelling Consortium will fund two candidates who are based in sub-Saharan Africa to attend a two-week online training course in mathematical modelling.

The course is aimed at policy-makers, public health professionals, academic researchers or anyone who needs to develop, use or interpret mathematical modelling for public health decision-making. Only a very basic mathematical ability is required to attend. The course runs from 6th-15th Sept 2021 and is organised by Imperial College London. More details are provided here:


HIV services in sub-Saharan Africa: the greatest gap is men

Morna Cornell and Leigh Johnson of IeDEA-SA recently co-authored an invited Comment for The Lancet to mark the 40th anniversary of the first cases of AIDS. Focusing on eastern and southern Africa, the epicentre of the pandemic, they noted the remarkable progress in access to HIV testing and care in sub-Saharan Africa, largely driven by activism and advocacy. They highlighted persistent gender disparities across the HIV continuum, with heterosexual men – particularly those aged 35-49 years – the largest unaddressed gap in HIV services.

The complete comment can be accessed here.

New IeDEA Working Group Leadership

We are pleased to welcome new leadership for IeDEA’s Working Groups. Marcel Yotebieng, co-PI of Central Africa IeDEAis joining Jonathan Golub of IeDEA Asia-Pacific as co-Chair of the Tuberculosis and Lung Health Working Group. Chad Achenbach of NA-ACCORD and Jessica Castilho, who works with both CCASAnet and NA-ACCORD, will co-Chair the Cancer Working Group. Our new TB-Sentinel Research Network will be co-Chaired by Olivier Marcy (West Africa) and Leslie Enane (East Africa), which will begin a multiregional, prospective cohort study across six IeDEA regions in 2021.

Thanks to our outgoing co-Chairs Amita Gupta (TB and Lung Health) and Julia Bohlius and Jeff Martin (Cancer) for their many years of support.


IeDEA Grant Renewal

US NIH renews the IeDEA global consortium for another 5 years!

Between 2016-2020, IeDEA has published over 500 regional and multiregional papers, making substantial contributions to advancing the fields of HIV-related clinical and social science, epidemiology, and data methods and harmonization. Our 7 regions are ready to implement a new set of innovative research agendas that will leverage the HIV cohort databases we have been building for 15 years and the partnerships we have established with local investigators in 44 countries.

Thanks (and congratulations) to the many people around the world who have helped IeDEA to become a force for inclusive science and collaboration.