IeDEA at the TB Union Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico

IeDEA TB Working Group members took time out from conference activities at the 48th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Guadalajara, Mexico, to meet and discuss recent projects led by TB WG members and agreed to move forward with developing a concept sheet for a MDRTB Site Practices survey. The group brainstormed around other areas for potential collaboration, including TB transmission and genomics.  A high priority will be to study multidrug-resistant TB prevention and management.  Representatives from NIH/DAIDS shared about institutional funding priorities, and the advantages of leveraging the IeDEA consortium’s infrastructure to pursue funding.

Congratulations to the TB Genomics Project Group and lead author and presenter Kathrin Zuercher (IeDEA Southern Africa) on their poster Treatment outcome and mortality in pulmonary TB in lower income countries: impact of drug resistance and HIV co-infection.