NIH Awards Research Training Grant to TREAT Asia–Columbia University Collaboration

Five-year award will support research training on HIV, mental health, and implementation science 

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a 5-year, $1.4 million grant to TREAT Asia and Columbia University to establish an innovative platform for integrating HIV, mental health, and implementation science research in the Asia-Pacific region.

The CHIMERA program (Capacity development for HIV and mental health research in Asia) will address the dual and interlinked burdens of HIV and mental health. Co-led by Principal Investigators Dr. Annette Sohn, amfAR Vice President and Director of TREAT Asia, and Dr. Milton Wainberg, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, the program aims to build a team within the Asia-Pacific with the capacity to lead regional HIV-mental health-implementation science research that will inform public health policy and improve the quality of clinical care for people living with HIV.

The program is nested within the IeDEA (International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS) Asia-Pacific regional research network that TREAT Asia directs. CHIMERA will create the opportunity to bring together stellar training faculty from academic centers and public health and development agencies within the region and across the world, and will build on existing NIH-funded mental health research being conducted through IeDEA Asia-Pacific.

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