Description of the Program

The FIMP is designed to help trainees develop skills in study design, data management, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of research involving large HIV clinical databases generated within IeDEA. As part of the FIMP, mentees:

  • Have access to IeDEA regional data for analyses that are conducted under the supervision of their respective IeDEA regions.
  • Participate in intensive mentoring sessions with scientists affiliated with a Regional Data Center (RDC).
    • During the first year’s intensive mentoring sessions (onsite and/or virtual), mentees will initiate their project and receive one-on-one mentoring from implementation scientists/epidemiologists, data managers, biostatisticians, and other analysts, as appropriate to their project.
    • During the latter part of the first year and during the second year intensive mentoring sessions (onsite and/or virtual) the focus will be on manuscript development.
  • Receive at least biweekly mentoring through the duration of the program via e-mail, and video and teleconferencing.
  • Receive support to attend at least one local or regional scientific meeting (virtual or in person)
  • Receive the data management and analytic support through the RDC needed to produce one abstract, one submitted manuscript, and potentially a second draft manuscript during the mentoring period.