Executive Committee

The IeDEA Executive Committee (IeDEA EC) consists of Principal Investigators from all IeDEA regions and program staff from among the 10 institutes and centers of the US National Institutes of Health that fund the consortium.  The IeDEA EC is responsible for overseeing the multiregional research conducted by IeDEA investigators and other analyses that utilize IeDEA cohort data. It establishes and implements standard operating procedures for the global consortium and guides IeDEA’s working groups.


  • To foster collaboration among the IeDEA regions and external collaborators.
  • To advise, evaluate, review, and approve proposed concepts for multiregional research.
  • To oversee implementation and dissemination of multiregional research.
  • To promote IeDEA’s work across a range of stakeholders, including researchers, implementers, policymakers, and the broader HIV community.
  • To establish a long-term vision and strategy for the IeDEA consortium.


Annette Sohn, TREAT Asia/amfAR – The Foundation for AIDS Research, Bangkok, Thailand


Aimee Freeman, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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