Mother and Infant

The Mother and Infant working group seeks to use research to promote healthy outcomes for pregnant women and mothers living with HIV and exposed infants from conception through the HIV-exposure period. The Mother and Infant group is open to representatives from global IeDEA regions that gather pediatric and maternal data.  Multiregional concepts proposing to utilize relevant data focused on issues of maternal-infant health are reviewed by the Mother and Infant working group and the Pediatric Working Group before formal submission to the IeDEA Executive Committee.  Concepts and other research opportunities are discussed during regular conference calls.


The Mother and Infant working group will work as a hub to provide infrastructure for enhanced data collection, analysis, and dissemination to advance research affecting mothers with HIV and HIV-exposed infants in the areas described below.

  • Identify relevant data gaps in addressing questions related to mothers and infants within the PMTCT care continuum, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and outcomes of exposed infants
  • Develop strategies to address those data gaps
  • Develop multiregional concepts relevant to women living with HIV during pregnancy and breastfeeding and HIV-exposed infants, and facilitate their outputs (analysis, abstract and manuscript development)
  • Support early-stage investigators with an interest in Mother and Infant health

Current priorities

  • Develop data infrastructure to conduct pharmacovigilance and collect data around pregnancy and breastfeeding outcomes
  • Viral suppression among women living with HIV during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • PMTCT outcomes among young women with perinatally acquired HIV infection
  • Pregnancy and infant outcomes in the Option B+ era
  • Outcomes in HIV-exposed uninfected children
  • PMTCT trends over time including transmission rates and associated factors
  • Models of care for pregnant and postpartum women


John Humphrey, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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