Substance Use

The SU Working Group consists of representatives from each IeDEA region, as well as program staff from NIH, who will promote a scientific agenda related to the screening, diagnosis, understanding, prevention, and treatment of substance use across the HIV care continuum.  The SUWG welcomes and encourages discussion on single or multiregional concepts proposing to utilize or collect substance use data within IeDEA regions.  Substances can include, but not limited to, injection substances, non-injection substances, tobacco, and alcohol.  Substance use project concepts may be led by anyone within the working group.


  • To promote the integration of substance use in addressing the global HIV epidemic
  • To promote, expand, coordinate, and enhance substance use data collection across IeDEA regions.
  • To promote and optimize evidence-based strategies for substance use screening, monitoring, and treatment throughout IeDEA regions.
  • To identify research gaps that can be addressed by the SUWG.
  • To support efforts to understand the best strategies for measuring substance use (e.g. self-report, biomarkers) among people living with and at risk for HIV.
  • To support multiregional efforts for analyses proposed by the SUWG and other investigators within IeDEA regions.
  • To share the knowledge which IeDEA is uniquely able to gather on substance use in large populations of people living with and at risk for HIV through local community presentations, regional conferences, trainings, and more.


Kathryn Lancaster, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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